Map | Episode 16
ReNounedApril 24, 2023x
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Map | Episode 16

In this episode, hosts Mark Schulz and Alison Hager discuss the noun “payment.”

ReNouned is a podcast for the curious. We dust off the commonplace to look for shiny new relevance as we challenge ourselves to think critically about the objects that surround us. How do they echo humanity’s past, reflect the present, or foreshadow the future?

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Things to Read:

Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time – Dava Sobel

Things to Watch:

Longitude – TV Movie

Things to Do:

Check out these images of the Imago Mundi (Babylonian Map of the World – earliest known map in human history).

We mentioned you can see John Harrison’s Sea Clocks at the Horology Museum in London – I was wrong! You can see them at the Royal Museums Greenwich. Here’s a photo of the amazing H1.

Want to see what a map with Rhumb Lines looks like (hint – very overwhelming!) Check this out.

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