American Harvest Mouse | Episode 19
ReNouned PodcastAugust 07, 202301:10:42

American Harvest Mouse | Episode 19

00:02:20 Just the Hits
00:03:41 Alison's Rabbit Hole
00:20:12 Mark's Rabbit Hole
00:55:06 The Big Questions
01:07:42 The Gut Reaction

In this episode, hosts Mark Schulz and Alison Hager discuss the noun “American Harvest Mouse.”

ReNouned is a podcast for the curious. We dust off the commonplace to look for shiny new relevance as we challenge ourselves to think critically about the objects that surround us. How do they echo humanity’s past, reflect the present, or foreshadow the future?

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Things to Watch:
All Creatures Great & Small – TV Series
TÁR – Movie

Things to Do:
Check out these photographs of harvest mice snuggling up in tulips. You really don’t want to miss this!
Scroll down to the end of this article to access an actionable list of everyday things you can do to combat extinction.

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